DAY 2: Sundance 2013 Film Festival

Day 2 Sundance Film Festival 2013 – by Senior Field Reporter Braunwyn Walsh
Park City, Utah Jan. 19

Today was an eventful day.  This is my first trip to Sundance FF as a reporter.  I rose up to meet the sun without expectations, but much hope for new challenges, thoughts, and especially friends.
Everything is so fast-paced out here, sometimes it’s easy to forget about the essence of time.
Working in the press box for the majority of my day was hard work but it wasn’t hard to make it enjoyable with the inevitable laughs shared with the ONG crew. Today, I took it upon myself to concentrate on the newly released British-Indie documentary, “Stuart Hill Project.”
“Would you rather anticipate the day when you’ll finally make “that” move? Would you take the risk in trying? Does it matter?”
In conducting my research from spontaneously invading the HP tent downtown, I was instantly fascinated in Stuart’s work with dissecting social constructs and the mass communication modem he had created at a relatively young age – 19. Even better, I got the opportunity to speak with John Akomfrah, the director and writer, the musical composer and the producers of the documentary about these social issues branching from the motherland, which seems to become less questioned and surprisingly still depended on by the people in which it governs.
So before I sign-off, let’s leave you with this – Would you rather anticipate the day when you’ll finally make “that” move? Would you take the risk in trying? Does it matter? Yep, I’m signing off before I pass out on my keyboard. Good nightbraunwyn-photo

One thought on “DAY 2: Sundance 2013 Film Festival

  1. Braunwyn’s coverage of both the Eagle’s documentary and the interview of Richard Rodriguez provides valuable insight into the creative potential and power of youth and cultural change. She lifted the veil shrouding the inner most passions of young artists and cast a light to help us all understand the importance and longevity of following the path of the passion for life and art in our world. Thank you, Braunwyn and ONG for your excellent coverage. Mateo

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