Carly Kohler is our most experienced On Native Ground Field Reporter. She began as a youth reporter approximately 4 years ago and now mentors our field crew.  Carly was a featured actor in the feature film, Behind the Door of a Secret Girl, a film project that was created and produced through a student of Jack Kohler’s as a school assignment.  The film has received great reviews, fourteen film awards and deals with the timely issues of cutting, meth use and youth self-esteem issues. In addition to her work as a field reporter, actor, and sports enthusiast, she has a great interest in writing and is developing scripts and story lines for short features.  Carly is a senior at Stanford University and continues her mentorship as a resident assistant at Muwekma House on the Stanford University campus.  Carly and her family are from the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk tribes from Northern California.

Koli Koher follows her sister as one our most experienced On Native Ground Field Reporters.  Koli is presently a freshman at the University of Hawaii. Her special interests are in sports and songwriting and learning to play new instruments. Her music and music videos are receiving great attention and she has won several awards for her original music production and music videos.  She is a great mentor to our youth and provides great leadership and advice to our youth reporters.  Koli and her family are from the Hupa, Yurok and Karuk tribes from Northern California.

Braunwyn Walsh is a sophomore at the University of Arizona, studying communication and psychology.  Her future interests involve developing her communication skills toward a career in broadcast journalism. Braunwyn is very actively involed in the Native American student organization on campus organizing their annual events.  She brings enthusiasm and passion to her role as field reporter and youth mentor.  Braunwyn is an enrolled citizen of the Navajo Nation and her family resides at Shonto, Arizona on the Navajo reservation.

Madison Etiz is completing her second year at Green River community college where she is studying journalism, with an eye to transfer to the University of Washington.  Her career aspiration is to become a writer of childen’s books and young adult novels.  Her other great passion is horses and she and her horse, Blue, have received many honors for showmanship in the state of Washington. Her family is from the Fort Bellknap reservation and she is from the
Assiniboine Sioux and Chippewa Cree tribes.

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