Yahmonee Hedrick and Mekele Longee, Youth Reporters
We are very proud of Yahmonee Hedrick, who at age 12 has become one of our rising stars.
He has already clocked in coverage at the Sundance Film Festival 2012 and other community
events during the past year.   We also welcome our newest youth reporter, Mekele Longee, age 15,
who is shadowing our team and learning to develop her voice as an interviewer and gain her confidence in public speaking.

Daniel Herrera and Bela Longee, Studio Anchors
On Native Ground recently launched its groundbreaking show, On Native Ground Youth Reports, which is a monthly
entertainment broadcast appearing on and its PBS cable affiliates.  This program is anchored by a team of
youth reporters who have taken on the added roles and responsibilities of studio anchors.   Bela Longee, age 13,
and Daniel Herrera, age 12, are both interested in acting and developing their skills in front of and behind the camera.
As studio anchors, Bela and Daniel, are learning additional skills in addition to interviewing and camera techniques.


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